The Galaxy Tab VS The Apple iPad

Posted by Kieran Ball on Tuesday, 28th September, 2010.

The tablet battle is well and truly on. The Samsung Galaxy Tab, a 7-inch Android slate is set to be released on the 1st November and looks to be the first real contender for the Apple iPad. But what is it about this newcomer that is going to give Apple a run for its money?

Size Isn’t Everything.

The most obvious difference between the two machines is that the screen on the Galaxy Tab is smaller. Although the iPad has an extra two inches, resolution is more or less the same at 600×1024 – more than ample for a screen of this size. However, Samsung’s device weighs in at less than half that of the iPad.

Calls and Connectivity

Like the iPad, the Galaxy Tab has 3G/HSDPA, but unlike the iPad, it also has the ability to make and receive calls via a Bluetooth headset, which, incidentally, is Bluetooth 3.0, as opposed to Bluetooth 2.1 on the iPad. The Tab wins this round hands down.

Expand Your Memory.

When it comes to storage, as the iPad has no memory expansion capabilities; you’re stuck with whatever memory your device came loaded with. On the other hand, the 16GB on the Galaxy Tab can be expanded via its micro-SD slot which can add up to 32GB extra memory. That’s a lot of movies and music.

Say Cheese!

One of the big gripes about the iPad is the lack of a camera. The Galaxy Tab comes with not one, but two cameras: a 3MP on the back with flash, plus an additional front-facing 1.5MP for video calls. Another win for the Galaxy Tab.

Staying Power.

The iPad wins out on battery life with 10 hours compared to the Galaxy Tab’s 7 hours. There simply isn’t the room in the Tab for the Li-ion cell that’s in the iPad.


Performance-wise there’s very little between the two. Both have 1Ghz processors. Sure, the Android doesn’t have as many applications as the Appstore, but it does have 10.1 Flash support, which could give you a lot more functionality. What’s more, the Tab has full multi-tasking.

The Bottom Line.

Now, let’s get down to the real nitty-gritty – price. Even though it’s not officially out yet, the price of the Galaxy Tab has already been falling. From £799, the Tab is now set to retail at under £600. However, that’s still as much as the most expensive iPad model. That said, if you need to make calls you’re going to need phone functionality too. And adding the cost of an iPhone to the cost of the iPad blows all financial considerations out of the water. You could make serious savings by simply buying a Galaxy Tab with its already included additional functionality.

It’s worth bearing in mind too that if you’ve got your heart set on a slate PC for Xmas, your choice may not be so black and white, as the RIM BlackPad, and probably several other similar devices could be on the market by then too.

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