Mario Sports Mix On Nintendo Wii – Release Date (04/02/2011)

Posted by SuperStoreSearch Team on Friday, 26th November, 2010.

Mario Sports Mix is the latest multi-sport all-in-one action packed video game coming to the Nintendo Wii console this January (04/02/2011), featuring fun antics with familiar Mario game characters in games of basketball, dodgeball, hockey and volleyball.

Mario Sports Mix was developed by Square Enix and the gameplay style resembles previous Mario Wii sports games with special power ups and arcade style fantasy gameplay.

Mario Sports Mix Gameplay Images & Screenshots

Mario Sports Mix Online Multiplayer

Mario Sports Mix in the Nintendo Wii Game version will feature online multiplayer gameplay, allowing two Nintendo Wii consoles to connect to each other and up to 2 players on each Wii console.  Mario Sports Mix players can connect with friends online or play random gamers.

Mario Sports Mix Release Date

Mario Sports Mix is available in Japan already and the UK release date is 04/02/2011

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Super Mario All Stars 25th Anniversary Edition Wii Release Date (3/12/2010)

Posted by SuperStoreSearch Team on Thursday, 25th November, 2010.

Box Set Case of Super Mario All Stars 25th Anniversary Edition For Nintendo WiiNintendo gaming classic Super Mario All Stars is due for release in a special 25th Anniversary Edition for the Nintendo Wii this 3rd of December (3/12/2010).

Relive the Mario gaming classics in this Super Mario All Stars Wii remake, in a special tribute to the 25th anniversary of the original Super Mario Bros. games.  The Super Mario All Stars 25th Anniversary Edition for the Nintendo Wii console includes lots of extras, featuring a special booklet on the history of Super Mario (1985-2010) and an exclusive CD with soundtracks used through previous Mario games.

Super Mario All Stars 25th Anniversary Edition

Old school gamers will remember and feel nostalgic with familiar images of Mario and classic Nintendo graphics from the original Super Mario All Stars game.

Manufacturer’s Description

If you needed another reason to celebrate 25 years of Super Mario, how about a Super Mario All-Stars – 25th Anniversary Edition, containing four of the original most famous Mario games of all time from the NES, as well as a bunch of extra collectables, launching across Europe now on Wii from 3rd December 2010.Super Mario All-Stars – 25th Anniversary Edition will include a Super Mario All-Stars Disk case containing Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3 and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels all on one disk, giving Mario fans four reasons to relive the excitement of these classic games on Wii. And if you missed out on them the first time round, now’s the time to discover four of the reasons why Super Mario has become one of gaming’s most loved series’ of all time.

This new collection will also include a special booklet detailing the full history of Super Mario as well as a real treat for fans of the series – an audio CD containing music from Super Mario games spanning the last 25 years, from the original 1985’s Super Mario Bros. to 2010’s Super Mario Galaxy 2, with classics such as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine along the way.

In the quarter of a century since Nintendo game designer Shigeru Miyamoto’s team put the finishing touches to his first major adventure, Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), Mario has become one of the most globally recognised characters in the world of entertainment. The Super Mario Bros. series is now the best-selling video game series of all time, with more than 240 million units sold globally.

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Gran Turismo 5 On Playstation 3 Available For Pre-order

Posted by SuperStoreSearch Team on Friday, 12th November, 2010.

Action packed driving simulator racing game Gran Turismo 5 is now available for pre-0rder on the Sony Playstation 3 and due for release 24 November 2010.

Featuring stunning photo-realistic graphics, the fifth instalment of the legendary Gran Turismo race driving simulator series plays more realistically than ever before, with improved realism in car damage-modelling.

Game Firsts

There are a number of notable new features and functions introduced for the first time in Gran Turismo, including an online multiplayer mode with up to 16 drivers, dynamic weather changes such as snow and rain, an optional stereoscopic-3D resolution, Go-Karting, and new visual effects including dynamic skidmarks.  There’s also a race course creator and new car brands including Lamborghini and Bugatti, with licenses from Ferrari, WRC and NASCAR.  There’s also the test track from BBC show Top Gear.

Gran Turismo 5 Screenshots

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Sonic Colours Coming To The Nintendo Wii & DS This November 12/11/2010 (Screenshots & Game Trailer)

Posted by SuperStoreSearch Team on Monday, 8th November, 2010.

SEGA announces the release date of platform based action game Sonic Colours for the Nintendo DS & Wii consoles.

The Sonic development team explored the feedback and criticisms from game critics and enthusiastic Sonic fans of previous Sonic game titles and adapted constructive points into the new Sonic Colours game for an improved gameplay experience.

The Nintendo Wii version of Sonic Colours blends 2D and 3D elements into a hybrid play environment while the Nintendo DS based Sonic Colours takes advantage of the dual screens of the handheld gaming device.

Sonic Colours Release Date

Like many game releases, Sonic Colours will hit the shops on various dates according to region:

  • Australia: 11 November 2010
  • UK & Europe:  12 November 2010
  • North America:  16 November 2010
  • Japan:  18 November 2010

Sonic Colours Images & Screenshots

Nintendo DS Sonic Colours Screenshots

Sonic Colours Video Game Trailer

“The diabolical Dr. Eggman has hatched another plan for world domination!

He has built an amazing interstellar amusement park, floating in space around Sonic’s home planet, bursting with incredible rides and attractions.

However, all is not as it seems as Dr. Eggman has abducted an alien race and is harnessing their colourful energy to fuel a sinister plot. Before Dr. Eggman completes his evil plans though, Sonic discovers his mysterious theme park in space.

When he arrives, Sonic finds he is also able to use these alien powers and is ready to help. Sonic will need all his speed and skill as he faces this test, but, empowered by the alien energy, it’s a test he’ll pass with flying colours.”

Video game trailer preview of Dr. Eggman’s interstellar amusement park.  Duration: 1m:27s

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Donkey Kong Country Returns – Release Date 03/12/2010 on Nintendo Wii (Screenshots & Game Trailer)

Posted by SuperStoreSearch Team on Sunday, 7th November, 2010.

In welcome news for Nintendo fans, the release date for the much anticipated Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii has been set for UK release on 3 December 2010.

Nintendo has created a remake of the original Donkey Kong SNES gaming classic as a modern Nintendo Wii game, with updated graphics that stay close to the original style of gamplay but with a fresh 3D twist in the current style of games made for the Nintendo Wii console.

‘Donkey Kong Country Returns’ Release Date

The release of the Donkey Kong Country Returns game for the Wii is being pushed out gradually according to region.

  • North America:  November 21, 2010
  • UK & Europe:  December 3, 2010
  • Japan:  Winter 2010 / 2011

Donkey Kong Country Returns Gameplay Screenshots

Donkey Kong Country Returns Game Trailer

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Sony Unveils New Playstation 3 Models with Extra Storage, Motion Control

Posted by SuperStoreSearch Team on Wednesday, 18th August, 2010.

Sony has announced two new models of the Playstation 3 console which have larger hard drives, one of which will be sold exclusively as part of the Playstation Move bundle – Sony’s new motion sensing control system.

The existing Playstation 3 – 250GB model is to be replaced by a 320GB version and will form part of the Sony Playstation Move bundle at £284.88 – due for release in the UK on the 15th of September.  The 120GB model will be phased out from October and replaced by a 160GB version and will cost the same as the original version at £249.99.

Sony has said the extra hard drive storage was being offered because of the increase in the availability of downloadable media, games and videos.

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How Tetris Was Made

Posted by SuperStoreSearch Team on Tuesday, 13th July, 2010.

Was this one of the inspiring thoughts of Alexey Pajitnov (from the Soviet Union), the creator of the classic puzzle game Tetris, who designed the game in 1984?  Probably not, but we can see the merit in this concept of creating one of the greatest gaming classics of all time.

Credit: if you know the source of this image, let us know in the comments below.

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Cheap Xbox 360

Posted by SuperStoreSearch Team on Saturday, 5th June, 2010.

The Xbox 360 from Microsoft brought high definition gaming to the home.  Featuring the Xbox Live service which allows gamers to play against each other online, and provides a platform to download arcade games,  demos, music and movies. The Xbox 360 also offers access to third-party media streaming services such Sky TV.  There are currently over 40 million Xbox 360 consoles worldwide to date (April 2010).

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There is a great range of video game accessories and add-ons available to expand the gaming experience with the Xbox 360.  Here are some of the top picks for Xbox 360 console accessories and Xbox 360 games.

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d Xbox Live service that allows players to compete online, download arcade games, game demos, trailers, TV shows, music and movies and its Windows Media Center multimedia capabilities. The Xbox 360 also offers region specific access to third-party media streaming services such as Netflix in the USA orSky TV in the UK.

Buy Nintendo Wii

Posted by SuperStoreSearch Team on Monday, 31st May, 2010.

Nintendo’s revolutionary Wii console, despite all the media attention, is still worthy of a mention for those living in the Dark Ages of the gaming world.  Motion sensors built into the controller’s WiiMote mean a flick of the wrist will serve and return the ball in Tennis and full length jabs can deliver right and left hooks in Boxing, ..all games bundled together with the console as part of Wii Sports (there’s also bowling and baseball).

Changing the way we view the traditional games console, the Wii offers an engaging and fun experience for all the family.  Lots of add-ons and accessories like the Wii-Fit keep the playability fresh and interesting, while giving you the chance to work up a healthy sweat.  Great!

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