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Top 10 Hottest Items Stolen Online

Plus 26+ Interesting Facts on Internet Shopping & Fraud

There is another side to online shopping, and that is the murky underworld of credit card fraud which is perpetrated against internet retailers on a daily basis and results in losses of millions of pounds. has compiled some of the most interesting facts and figures about online shopping & internet fraud and presented them in this infographic poster.

Information Graphic About Credit Card Protection and Internet Shopping

The Top 10 Hottest Items Stolen Online

The Top 10 list of most purchased items through fraudulent payments reveals the popularity of Apple among cyber crooks, as the iPod Touch mp3 player came 4th in the list, followed by the Apple Macbook in white at 5th most popular - with the Number 1 spot going to the Apple Macbook Pro. HP was not far behind for its laptops as it was the 3rd most popular item stolen online, while Sony and Nintendo products occupied several positions in the chart with the Sony PS3, PSP Go and Nintendo Wii game consoles. Samsung proved itself to be a popular brand for LCD TVs. What may have been a bigger surprise than Apple taking the title of 'most desired' in the cyber criminal world, is that Microsoft's Xbox 360 console didn't make the list.

Consumers can minimize the risk of payment fraud by following a few simple precautions:
  • Report lost and stolen credit and debit cards immediately upon noticing they are missing.
  • Do not throw credit card statements away with normal rubbish - always shred them first.
  • Check your card and bank statements regularly for any unfamiliar transactions and report anything suspicious to your card issuer.

Credit cards offer a safer and convenient way to pay for products and services bought in the UK and abroad and offer a level of purchase protection under the Consumer Credit Act. If you do experience unauthorized credit card transactions on your account, you will not be liable for any payments made fraudulently by criminals.

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