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Washing Machines Price Check

Shopping guide on where to buy bargain Washing Machines online from top high street stores and online shops with fast delivery and check prices on Washing Machines stockists to help guide you to cheap Washing Machines prices for the best value.

Washing Machines Information

Washing Machine Energy Standards

All washing machines sold in the European Union have to have an EU Energy Label which must be clearly visible on the appliance. The EU Energy Label rates the Energy Efficiency of the washing machine and this is indicated by a letter (A through to G) as well as a colour associated with the letter. A is the most energy efficient on a sliding scale to G which is the least efficient. This is also indicated by the colour scale, with A being darkest green, through to D which is yellow, through to G which is red.

The Energy Efficiency rating should be clearly stated by the manufacturer in brochures, leaflets and marketing literature, whether printed or on the internet.

The energy rating for a washing machine is calculated on all machines using a standard cycle, so that each machine is tested according to the same rigorous criteria.

Most washing machines on the market now are either A or B energy rated. Many manufacturers class their machines as more efficient than A rated, for example A-20% or A++, both of which indicate that the appliance is 20% more energy efficient than an A rated machine.

A typical energy label will indicate, apart from the overall Energy Rating, the following information:

  1. Total energy consumption per cycle in kWh per cycle
  2. The washing rating (A to G)
  3. The spin drying rating (A to G)
  4. The maximum spin speed in revolutions per minute
  5. The total capacity in KG that the machine can handle in one cycle
  6. Water consumption per cycle (litres)
  7. Noise level in decibels for both washing and spinning

Washing Machine Guarantees

All washing machines carry a manufacturer's guarantee of some sort although these can vary widely between the manufacturers, and even between ranges or models from a manufacturer. Many manufacturers offer a free of charge extended guarantee if the purchaser registers their details either on-line, by post or by telephone.

Examples of guarantees offered for washing machines currently on the market include:

Bosch offers a standard guarantee for 12 months covering labour, material and transportation. However this can be extended for an additional 12 months if the purchaser registers by post, on-line or by completing and returning the guarantee card.

Hotpoint offers a 12 month parts and labour warranty. They extend this to 5 years parts only if the purchase registers their appliance and if the spare parts are fitted by a Hotpoint engineer.

Siemens offers 2 year parts and labour guarantee for call-out parts and labour as standard. They currently offer certain models of machine with a 5 year guarantee under a special time-limited offer which may not be applicable in the future.

Hoover has a standard 12 months guarantee, but all washing machines must be registered with them to qualify (this can be done on-line).

LG - the LG UK website states that their warranty period differs by product and that each model should be checked separately. A cross-check of their washing machines indicates that most of them are covered for 24 months as standard (commercial use excluded) for labour and parts. Those machines with a Direct Drive Motor are covered for 10 years for the motor only.

Whirlpool. The warranty period of the washing machines on the Whirlpool UK website was not clear. Some of their machines are guaranteed for light or full commercial use.

Indesit offers a standard 12 months guarantee parts and labour warranty. This can be extended to 5 year parts only on registration of the product and if Indesit's own engineers are used.

Neff offers a 12 month guarantee as standard, extendable to 24 months parts and labour if the product is registered with them within 30 days, by phone or on-line.

Candy - their standard warranty terms are 12 months parts and labour, with 5 years parts warranty on registration and if using a Candy engineer.

On top of these standard guarantee periods, most manufacturers and retailers also offer an extended guarantee through a third party insurer for an additional fee.

Many manufacturers insist that only original spare parts are used and to use generic spare parts may invalidate the warranty.

Washing Machine Installation

It is recommended that you call in an expert to install your new washing machine. Many retailers will be able to arrange this for you as a chargeable service.

However some people do prefer to install the appliance themselves, which is a fairly straight-forward task, as long as the plumbing and pipes are already there.

If you are installing the machine yourself, there will be detailed instructions in with the machine, but you should note the following:

  • Make sure that all packaging is removed, including the packaging inside the machine. If this is not done, the machine will not work and there is a high danger of damage.
  • If the floor is not even, make sure that a suitable piece of board is well secured with screws to the floor, to minimise vibration and noise.

Washing Machine Disposal and Recycling

When purchasing a new washing machine, many retailers and manufacturers offer a disposal service for your old machine. This service is usually chargeable and they will often only handle washing machines that have been disconnected, however this is probably the easiest way to dispose of your old appliance.

Another way to dispose of your old washing machine is to take it to a local recycling centre, which will take the old appliance free of charge, however you usually need to be able to transport it there yourself, although some do offer chargeable collection facilities. If you are unsure of where your nearest local facility is, please visit for further information.

Alternatively your local council can arrange to collect the washing machine, although there may be a charge in some areas.

For more information on disposal and recycling of appliances and to apply for a special collection of large items, including washing machines, you can visit this link to the U.K. government public service website.

There are also private waste management companies who can arrange for the collection of your old washing machine for a fee, but this may well be more expensive than using the local council. It is also important to ensure that any private company follows WEEE regulations for disposal of items.

If the washing machine is still in working order, you may wish to free-cycle it rather than disposing of it. Many local newspapers offer a free-cycle facility and there are also websites such as where you can list your appliance.

Washing Machine Repairs & Spare Parts

Firstly it is necessary to check whether the machine is still covered under guarantee or not. If it is still within the guarantee period then you should consult your guarantee documentation and follow any special procedures to claim the guarantee. If you act outside of the guarantee terms and conditions, for example calling in a repair company which is not authorised under the guarantee, this may not be covered and may indeed invalidate the guarantee and you may end up having to pay for the repair work yourself.

If the machine is not covered by the guarantee, you will need to find a company who will be able to repair your machine. Many manufacturers have a network of trained engineers and detailed information on their website, including:

Bosch - their network of engineers are employed and trained by Bosch themselves and you can book an engineer on-line or by telephone. Prices are stated on their website including their 'Repair Time+' which is a fixed price for labour and call out, regardless of how long the repair takes, and also their 'Repair Care Plan' which is a monthly fee per year.

Hotpoint - you can register your new washing machine on-line and also download user manuals from the site. You can also book a service call on-line for washing machines covered by the guarantee or by telephone for those which are no longer covered. All engineers booked through their site or by telephone directly with Hotpoint are trained by Hotpoint and the charges for a fixed price repair are clearly set out on the Hotpoint UK website. Repairs are guaranteed for 90 days and an interest free payment option is offered for repairs. There is also basic trouble shooting advice on the website such as how to unblock a washing machine pump which may avoid costly repairs. For self-repairs or accessories, official spare parts can be purchased on-line.

Siemens - full instructions are given on their UK website on how to book an authorised engineer visit. This can be done on-line or by telephone and feedback regarding a previous visit can also be done on-line. Repairs, which are guaranteed for 12 months, can be done under a fixed price for call-out and labour (but not including spare parts) or a monthly fee under the 'Siemens repair Care Plan'. Original spare parts and accessories can be purchased on-line.

Hoover - they encourage the use of their on-line 'Problem Solving Guide' before an engineer is called out. Call outs can be booked on-line or by phone for machines still under guarantee and those that are out of warranty. Pricing is clearly stated on the website and there is also the option of spreading payments. Spare parts can be identified and purchased on-line through the official Hoover UK site. There is a notice on their website that Comet customers should contact Comet direct.

LG - those in need of an engineer visit should call or email the LG support centre to discuss the possible options but there is no pricing indication of repair costs for washing machines not covered by warranty. If the machine is still under warranty then a claim can be submitted on-line. Repairs can also be tracked on-line. Spare parts purchases are redirected to their authorised distributor Nedis.

Whirlpool - engineer visits cannot be booked on-line, but there are details of the central telephone number together with working hours on their UK website. There is a clear pricing plan for repairs on their site, including a one off fee or a monthly fee to spread the cost. There is a link to purchase spares from their authorised distributor 4Whirlpool.

Indesit - they encourage users to try to resolve problems before calling an engineer with their 'Solve it Yourself' section. Spare parts can be purchased on-line as can engineer visits. There is a clear pricing structure for repairs not covered by the guarantee.

Neff - their authorised sister company BSH Appliance Care is responsible for the service and call outs can be booked on-line, by phone or by email. Feedback can also be given on-line on previous engineer visits. Prices for service calls are clearly stated on their website, as a one off charge or a monthly plan to spread the cost. Spares can be purchased on-line but they do recommend that they are only fitted by qualified engineers.

Candy - call-outs to machines still on warranty and out of warranty can be booked on-line. A clear pricing structure is on their website for repairs, with a sliding scale of charges according to the age of the machine. Payments can be spread into instalments. Spares cannot be ordered on-line but they can be ordered by phone or an enquiry made using their on-line form.

General note: The monthly service plans advertised on many of the manufacturer's websites seem to be very similar to extended warranties and most attract an interest charge.

The advantages in using a manufacturer-approved engineer are that they are trained and authorised by the manufacturer and only use original spare parts. However, the call out and repair charges may in some cases be more expensive than a local repair company and they may not cover the more remote areas of the country. If you do choose to use the services of a local repair company for whatever reason, make sure that you look for a reputable company - word of mouth from family and friends is always a good place to start.

Some points to look out for in local washing machine repair companies are:

  • Check the call out charge and subsequent charge per hour.
  • Most companies charge extra for weekends or out of hours calls, so it will usually end up less expensive to repair the machine if you are able to wait until working hours.
  • Some companies charge a fixed price per job which may be preferable.
  • Not all repair companies are able to service all brands of washing machine, so check that the company is experienced with your particular brand of machine.
  • Check if the work is guaranteed and how long it is guaranteed for.

It is not advisable to try to repair the washing machine yourself, especially if the machine is still covered under guarantee, as this may invalidate any warranty. However if you do need to buy spare parts or accessories, most manufacturers either give advice on their sites where original spares can be purchased or sell them on-line themselves.

Advice and Tips for Use of Your Washing Machine

  • Before washing, it is strongly advised to sort your clothes into different types.
    • Sort between dark coloured and light coloured clothing/whites to avoid the dye running into lighter garments. If you only have a small load and it is not practical to separate items, there are special cloths ('Dye Grabbers') available from some household retailers which absorb any loose dye in the wash and can be used for up to 30 washes. These can be very effective but should be used with care.
    • Sort between garment types, for example delicate items or woollens which may need to be washed on a special cycle to avoid damage or shrinkage.
    • Sort between items that need to be washed at different temperatures. However, if the clothes or items are only lightly soiled it is recommended that you wash them at a low temperature and on a shorter cycle to save energy and water. You are unlikely to notice the difference in the quality of the washing.
  • All items should be marked with a label containing the laundry care symbols. This indicates whether an item can be washed or not, the maximum temperature it can be washed at and what type of cycle should be used. Remember that the temperature indicated is the maximum and if the item is only lightly soiled or just needs to be refreshed, always go for a lower temperature.
  • If the care label indicates that a garment needs a specialist treatment, such as dry cleaning, never attempt to wash the item yourself as this will probably damage or shrink the item.
  • Always try to wash a full load in one cycle to avoid wasting energy. However do not overfill the drum as this can lead to poor performance and even damage to the clothes and/or machine. Many manufacturers recommend leaving a gap of about 10 cm between the clothes and the top of the machine drum.
  • Make sure that the spin dry setting is high enough to remove excess water from the garments. This will mean that clothes take less time to dry naturally or in the tumble dryer.
  • Consider using your washing machine at night or at off-peak periods as many electricity companies offer cheaper rates at this time. Some washing machines have a time-delay switch which makes this more convenient.
  • The washing machine filters and pumps need to be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance - check the operating manual for details on how to do this.

Buy a Washing Machine Online the impartial price comparison site lets shoppers compare prices on washing machines to help find cheap washing machines and cheap washer dryers from the best washing machine shops online. The featured washing machine guides and independent washing machine reviews help consumers determine which washing machine is the best buy washing machine based on individual needs and circumstances by utilizing the washing machine comparison features that let users compare washing machines by brand, features and washing machine retailers. Buy washing machines or buy a washer dryer from washing machine online retailers during a washing machine sale to find discount washing machines and the cheapest washer dryers online.

Washing Machine Manufacturers

Bosch Washing Machines

As the market leader for domestic appliances in Western Europe, Bosch offers the consumer a broad range of Bosch washing machines.

Although the majority of the models are freestanding, there are also some Bosch integrated washing machines.

There are four distinct ranges within the collection, with a total of 15 different clothes care programmes:

  • Logixx - this is the high end range of washing machines, capable of 8 kg loads. They have unique programmes such as Express Wash, Powerwash and Super Quick 15, and are classed as A-30% for Energy Efficiency (30% more efficient than Energy Class A). They are also equipped with ecoSilence Drive and Anti Vibration to ensure a quiet cycle.
  • Exxcel - these machines have 7kg capacity, and are classed as A-20% for Energy Efficiency. They feature the Reload facility which allows the user to add extra items after starting the cycle.
  • Avantixx - offering good value, and with more features than the Classixx models, such as the Reload facility, these have a 6kg capacity, and are classed as A-10% for Energy Efficiency.
  • Classixx - this is the value for money range, with the Bosch Classixx washing machine offering simplicity and functionality.

In addition to the Bosch washing machine collection, they also manufacture Bosch washer dryers in the Logixx, Exxcel and Avantixx ranges. The Logixx model is equipped with air condensation technology, which uses air rather than water for drying, and it uses half the amount of water that a standard washer dryer uses.

Bosch does not currently offer Bosch top loader washing machines.

AEG Washing Machines

AEG washing machines are sold under the brand AEG Electrolux, and they offer both washing machines and AEG washer dryers.

Their models range from 6 kg capacity up to 8kg and some include features such as:

  • Silent system plus which absorbs vibrations for a quieter cycle.
  • Advanced fuzzy logix which calculates the exact of water necessary to save on water and energy.
  • Aqua control to detect and avoid leakage.
  • Stain action option for specific stain removal.

AEG Electrolux washing machines have a range of programme cycles such as Wool Plus, Ultra Quick (20 minutes), Lingerie programme, Sports programme, Super eco and Easy iron.

Hotpoint Washing Machines

The Hotpoint Ariston washing machines and Hotpoint Ariston washer dryers are sold under the Hotpoint brand in the U.K.

The range of machines on offer is extensive, and includes the high end Hotpoint Aqualtis washing machine range, as well as Ultima, Extendia and other models including a top loading machine.

Key features of the Hotpoint washing machine can include, depending on the model selected:

  • Load capacities of 5kg up to 9 kg.
  • LED, LCD or digital displays.
  • Programmes such as duvet cycle, bed and bath, shirt, as well as baby and lingerie cycle and even a jeans cycle.

The Hotpoint Ultima washing machine and the Hotpoint Aqualtis washing machine feature Eco Wash function to save energy and water.

The Aqualtis washing machine also offers two different steam functions, the Steam Refresh and Steam Hygiene programmes, as well as additional features such as weight sensors, and an auto dose system to ensure that the right amount of detergent is used.

The Ultima washing machines as well as the Hotpoint Ultima washer dryer machines, are the next range down from the Aqualtis models.

Next comes the Aquarius+ and Hotpoint Aquarius washing machines, offering value for money functionality and a 7kg capacity.

Hotpoint washing machines are all classed as A or A+ Energy Efficiency, whilst the Hotpoint washer dryer range are class A or B. They also come in various colours including white, graphite, aluminium, dual white and silver, and dual black and silver.

Miele Washing Machines

Miele is a manufacturer of high end domestic appliances whose range includes Miele washing machines and Miele washer dryers.

The Miele washing machine range includes both freestanding and integrated models, as well as washer dryers. Key features of their range (dependant on model) include:

  • A patented honeycomb drum with perforations to protect the clothes from damage and wear.
  • A whole host of programmes including silks, woollens, express, denim, sportwear and pillows.
  • A Stains Feature for more effective stains removal of a wide range of substances.
  • A specially designed iron cradle and electronically controlled motor to ensure minimum vibration, as well as special programmes which further reduce noise.
  • All washing machines are 20% more energy efficient than Energy rating A.

Designed and tested for 20 years use, the motor, drum, axle and bearings are guaranteed for 10 years.

Miele also offer their own brand liquid and powder detergent as well as specialised stain removers.

Siemens Washing Machines

German manufacturer Siemens offer four main series of Siemens washing machines:

  • iQ100 - this is the value range, with capacities of up to 8 kg.
  • iQ300 - more fully featured than the iQ100 series, these machines include a Rapid 15 cycle to wash up to 2 kg in 15 minutes, and Hydro Safe technology to ensure that the machines are 100% guaranteed against leaks.
  • iQ500 - this is the mid to high end range, which also include a Rapid 15 cycle and Hydro Safe technology as well as further features.
  • iQ700 - this is the top of the range models, with features such as auto Load Plus, which senses the weight of the load and controls the amount of detergent, as well as the amount of water and energy used. It also offers auto Stain removal and other specialist cycles.

While all washing machines are 10% or 20% better than rating A for Energy Efficiency, Siemens also rate machines according to their own Gold and Silver standard for exceptional performance.

There is also a Siemens washer dryer range in the iQ300 and iQ500 series.

The iQ300 model has a time delay feature and digital sensing technology, while the top end model offers a rapid 15 minute programme, child lock and sensor drying.

The Siemens washing machine range comes with a standard 12 months guarantee, with some models being guaranteed for up to 5 years.

Whirlpool Washing Machines

Whirlpool are the number 1 appliance brand in Europe, and as such, offer a complete range of Whirlpool washing machines.

The Whirlpool washing machine range includes models with 11kg capacity, and incorporates unique technology such as:

  • Aqua Steam technology, which injects steam into the drum to allow the detergent to penetrate more efficiently and assist the removal of stains. There is also a steam only cycle to refresh clothes without washing them.
  • 6th Sense technology, with in-built sensors to monitor and adjust water and temperature, as well as how long the cycle takes, thus saving energy.

The current range of washing machines are mainly A+ Energy rated, except for the toploading model which is A rated, and the combined washer dryers which are C rated.

Hoover Washing Machines

Although the brand name Hoover is synonymous with vacuum cleaners, they do in fact manufacture other domestic household appliances including Hoover washing machines and Hoover washer dryers.

The Hoover washing machine range comprises of machines up to 10 kg capacity, including a top loading model.

Features included on some of the Hoover models include:

  • Steam function which includes a 20 minute refresher cycle and an intensive steam wash programme.
  • Rapid 14 minute wash.
  • Programmes such as duvet cycle and hygienic cycle.
  • KG mode which weighs the laundry and adjusts time and water accordingly, thus saving energy.

LG Washing Machines

The range of LG washing machines and LG washer dryers are manufactured with an emphasis on design, and are available in several colours including white, silver and black.

The technology used in the LG washing machine incorporates the LG direct drive motor, which integrates the motor, belt and pulley into one unit, which is directly attached to the drum. This makes the machines more durable and resistant to wear and tear, with less vibration and less noise, and LG offer a 10 years parts guarantee on the Direct Drive units.

LG steam washing machine technology, called Steam Direct Drive, incorporates the Direct Drive technology with steam to enable more efficient and deeper cleaning. There is also a Steam Refresh Cycle for refreshing clothes without water, and a Medic Rinse Cycle to eliminate 99.8% of dust mites.

LG washing machines are available from 7 to 11 kg capacity, and some are equipped with Advanced Display, a large LCD display which provides instructions on-screen as well as keeping the user updated on the cycle.

Indesit Washing Machines

As a major Italian manufacturer of household appliances, Indesit has an extensive range of Indesit washing machines and Indesit washer dryers.

With both freestanding and integrated models, all Indesit washing machines are rated class A or A+ for energy efficiency, and there are models available in white, silver and dual white and silver.

Features specific to the Indesit washing machine range include:

  • Smart Technology which senses the weight of the laundry and adjusts water, energy and wash time accordingly.
  • Eco Time for smaller loads, which reduces washing time by approx. 30% and water and energy by up to 40%.
  • Special progammes including cycles for outdoor wear and jeans, as well as ones specifically designed for sports clothing and shoes.
  • A self-cleaning detergent dispenser, which also saves detergent for greater cost savings.

The Indesit washer dryer range include features such as an Express Wash and Dry programme which takes just 45 minutes, as well as Smart technology.

Neff Washing Machines

Neff's range of Series 4 and Series 5 Neff washing machines is small but full of features, including:

  • Inverse Logic technology, which assumes that the laundry is lightly soiled, and reduces wash time to just 47 minutes.
  • Detergent Overdose sensor, which alerts the user if too much detergenti used.
  • Aquastop and Aquasecure technology to prevent leakage.

Candy Washing Machines

The Grand 'O' series which makes up most of the range of Candy washing machines, share the following key features and programmes:

  • Shiatsu wash system, to massage the clothes during the was cycle for increased efficiency and cleanliness.
  • Mix and Wash to safely allow mixed fabrics to be washed together.
  • Fast Wash option to reduce the cycle by up to 50 minutes.
  • Activa Wash System to monitor the performance during the cycle and adjust if necessary.

There is also a compact Aquamatic washing machine, with smaller dimensions and a 3.5kg capacity.

All Candy washing machines and Candy washer dryers come with a one year parts and labour warranty, which is extended to a five year parts guarantee upon registration, and if using a Candy approved engineer.

Maytag Washing Machines

The Maytag washing machine range, although not extensive, introduces the theme of 'total laundry room' by providing everything that is needed for washing clothes, integrated in a small area. With both integrated or freestanding washing machines, as well as top loading machines, the range offers a total capacity of up to 11kg, as well a featuring steam technology to enhance the washing process.

Within the 'total laundry room' concept, there are many additional options such as a sorting unit, integrated laundry baskets and pedestal drawers, in addition to pull out ironing boards and shelves.

All Maytag washing machines are A+ Energy rated.

Beko Washing Machines

The Beko washing machine range includes models with capacities of 5kg to 8kg, many featuring interactive LCD display.

Beko machines include special programmes such as Xpress Quick Wash, which takes just 14 minutes for a 2kg load, as well as baby and toddlers cycles. They also offer 50cm slim models for smaller spaces.

Samsung Washing Machines

The Samsung laundry range offers various technologies designed to maximise efficiency and save energy such as:

  • Diamond Drum technology which prevents damage to the clothes, and is more durable than other drums. All machines with Diamond Drum technology carry a 2 year parts and labour warranty.
  • AIR Refresh technnology, a 30 minute cycle which uses steam to remove odours and wrinkles from clothes.

All models in the Samsung washing machines range are rated A+ or A++ for Energy Efficiency.

Ariston Washing Machines

For Ariston washing machines and Ariston washer dryers please see the Hotpoint range.

Haier Washing Machines

Haier, a Chinese company, and the fourth largest white-goods manufacturer in the world, offers a small range of Haier washing machines.

Daewoo Washing Machines

Daewoo has a range of Daewoo washing machines, all A+ rated for Energy Efficiency. There are models offering from 7kg capacity through to 9 kg capacity, with LED displays and various programmes such as wrinkle prevention, hand-wash and quick wash.

Baumatic Washing Machines

The Baumatic washing machine range includes both freestanding and integrated models. They offer both integrated washer dryers as well as washing machines, including an extra large 10kg capacity model.

Electrolux Washing Machines

Electrolux washing machines are sold under the brand AEG Electrolux, and they offer both washing machines and Electrolux washer dryers.

Their models range from 6 kg capacity up to 8kg and some include features such as:

  • Silent system plus which absorbs vibrations for a quieter cycle.
  • Advanced fuzzy logix which calculates the exact of water necessary to save on water and energy.
  • Aqua control to detect and avoid leakage.
  • Stain action option for specific stain removal.

AEG Electrolux washing machines have a range of programme cycles such as Wool Plus, Ultra Quick (20 minutes), Lingerie programme, Sports programme, Super eco and Easy iron.

Washing Machine Online Retailers

John Lewis Washing Machines

John Lewis washing machines Part of the John Lewis Partnership (John Lewis, Waitrose, Greenbee) has established itself as one of the top online department stores in the country with an enviable reputation for functionality, value and service.

john lewis stores john lewis department store john lewis shops john lewis online shopping john lewis kitchens john lewis shopping john lewis website

Comet Washing Machines

Comet washing machines Shopping online is a quick and easy way to buy from Comet. The online stores feature all the products you can find in any Comet store, as well as a number of products exclusive to the web.

You can choose from a range of delivery options at a day and time to suit you. Comet also offer next day delivery and free delivery on a range of options. Simply look for these when selecting delivery in the checkout.

For payment, Comet accept most major credit and debit cards, as well as the Comet Edge card.

Argos Washing Machines

Argos washing machines The Argos Catalogue is the essential book of choice and value with great savings on a huge range of furniture, toys, televisions and video games.. The catalogue contains over 21,000 products and there is now even more choice at with over 8,000 online exclusive products.

Asda Washing Machines

Asda washing machines from Asda Direct - a huge range of electrical appliances, George clothing, home furniture, preschool toys, baby items and everyday low prices

Currys Washing Machines

Currys washing machines - Currys, one of the UK's foremost electrical retailers. Shop online for the best deals on everything from Washing Machines & Dishwashers to Sat Navs & Cameras.

Tesco Washing Machines

Tesco washing machines Home Shopping for less from Find the full range of groceries for delivery online, as well as thousands of affordable non-food products from Tesco Direct. Clubcard points on all purchases, and UK wide delivery. Every Little Helps.

Sainsburys Washing Machines

Sainsburys washing machines sainsburys online sainsburys appliances - Sainsbury's Supermarkets is the UK's longest standing major food retailing chain, having opened its first store in 1869. Sainsbury's stands for great products at fair prices and with a simple objective: to serve customers well. The Sainsbury's brand is built upon a heritage of providing customers with healthy, safe, fresh and tasty food.

Following the same principles upon which Sainsbury's Supermarkets is built, Sainsbury's have developed a non-food range to offer quality, value and innovation.

Co-operative Stores Washing Machines

Co-Operative Stores Washing Machines - Co-operative Electrical Shop is a trading name of Co-operatives E-Store Limited which owned and operated by the Co-operative Group - the world's largest consumer co-operative.

The Co-operative Electrical Shop offers a wide range of products representing value for money. The product range has been developed by including only renowned manufacturers offering quality products. Find the best deals on a large range of electrical appliances including washing machines, dishwashers and televisions.

Washing Machines Guide

Washing Machines Buyers Guide

Information on Washing Machines and How To Buy the Best Washing Machines.

Which Washing Machines?

Discover which Washing Machines are best and which Washing Machines are right for you.

What Washing Machines

Learn about what Washing Machines can do, the key features of Washing Machines and what to look for when buying Washing Machines.

Best Washing Machines

Find the best Washing Machines by popularity, price and functionality -- browse by the most popular brands and featured stores for Washing Machines.

Introduction - Washing Machines

There is a wide range of washing machines available from many different manufacturers and it can be a difficult task to decide which one is most suitable for your needs. There are, however, certain basic criteria relating to size, capacity, functions and spin speed which will make it easier to reach a well-informed decision.

Washing Machine Guide - Table of Contents

Washing Machine Product Types

Front Loading Washing Machines

Front Loading Washing Machine

This is the most popular type of washing machine and can be either freestanding or fitted under a counter top.

Top Loading Washing Machines

Top loading washing machine

This type of washing machine opens at the top of the appliance, making it easier to load and unload without bending down. They usually use more water than front loading washing machines and are often less energy efficient.

Integrated Washing Machines

Integrated washing machine

This is a front loading machine which is covered by a panel that matches the rest of the kitchen or utility room units. Fully integrated washing machines are hidden completely when the door is closed whereas with semi integrated machines the operation panel and controls are visible.

Washer Dryers

Washer Dryer

This is a washing machine and dryer combined. They are usually less energy efficient than washing machines but can be a good choice if space is limited.

Washing Machine Product Advice

The main factors to take into account when choosing a washing machine are:



Useful Wash Functions

The basic programmes will cover various temperatures for washing cottons, synthetics, delicates and woollens, and most washing machines will also have pre-wash and spin only cycles.

Many washing machines will also have quick-wash or half-load programmes, and an extra rinse programme as well as a function to reduce creasing (crease guard).

Some washing machines will also feature programmes suitable for more specialist washing such as hand-wash, silks, duvets, jeans, lingerie and sportswear.

Other programmes and features offered by some manufacturers include:

  • A reload facility to add in items after a cycle has started.
  • Stain removing programmes.
  • Steam cycles for cleaning or refreshing clothes, including dry clean items.
  • A time delay function which can be useful if the electricity is cheaper at certain times of the day.
  • Child locks to prevent children or even pets from being able to access the washing machine.
  • Hygiene cycles to eliminate dust mites.


Washing Load Sizes

This depends on how much laundry you will be doing and whether you will be washing larger items such as duvets. A household with one or two people living in it might only need a 5kg or 6kg load, but for a larger family a 7kg or 8kg washing machine might be more suitable. Some machines have capacities up to 11kg.

Spin Speed

Spin Speed

Quicker Drying Times

If you use a tumble dryer to dry your laundry, consider a machine with a high spin speed to cut costs as it will reduce drying time. The range of spin speeds can vary from 800rpm up to 1800rpm and most machines have a choice of spin speeds.

Energy Saving and Economy

Energy Saving and Economy

Reduce Running Costs & Help The Environment

All washing machines and washer dryers are rated for Energy Efficiency, with A being the best performing and most economical. It is important to check both energy and water consumption when shopping for a washing machine.

Many of the higher end washing machines have functions to save energy and money such as:

  • Some machines are equipped with sensors which automatically adjusts the washing time and the amount of water to be used as well as the temperature. Some also calculate the amount of detergent to be used.
  • There are also washing machines available which have specific Eco programmes for smaller loads to save energy and water.

Washing Machine Buying Tips

  • Some machines are fitted with anti-vibration technology to minimise noise, which can be especially useful for those living in apartments.
  • Many washing machines have brackets as optional which will allow the user to sit a tumble dryer on top of a washing machine as two stackable units.
  • Some models have anti-leak detector devices to prevent the machines from leaking.
  • There are certain washing machines which feature large LCD displays with on-screen instructions and status of the cycle which can be especially useful for users with poor visibility.
  • Many models have wider doors for easier loading and unloading.
  • Most washing machines are 60cm wide by 85 cm high, although there are some slim-line and compact models available.

Popular Washing Machine Brands

Bosch Logo Bosch washing machines. Bosch are the market leader for domestic appliances in Western Europe and have a wide selection of washing machines and washer dryers in different ranges from the value for money Classixx range to the high end Logixx range.
Hotpoint Logo Hotpoint washing machines. Hotpoint washing machines on offer include the Aqualtis, Ultima and Extendia ranges. They have machines up to 9kg capacity, and many feature an Eco Wash function to save energy and water. The Aqualtis range also offers two different steam functions, Steam Refresh and Steam Hygiene.
Indesit Logo Indesit washing machines. Indesit - this Italian manufacturer offers machines with Smart Technology to adjust the energy, water and temperature, as well as special Eco programmes.
Whirlpool Logo Whirlpool washing machines. Whirlpool have a range of washing machines including one with an 11kg capacity. Some models feature Aqua Steam technology for optimum stain removal and 6th Sense Technology to automatically adjust water and temperature.
Hoover Logo Hoover washing machines. The Hoover range of washing machines and washer dryers includes a top-loading model. Some of their models offer steam functions and auto sensor functions to adjust time and water.
Zanussi Logo Zanussi washing machines. Zanussi have a range of washing machines and washer dryers on offer including those with their Jetsystem+ washing technology and a compact model for smaller spaces..
AEG Electrolux Logo AEG Electrolux washing machines. AEG Electrolux offer washing machines and washer dryers with a wide range of programmes and functions such as their Advanced Fuzzy Logix system to calculate the exact amount of water needed to save water and energy.
Beko Logo Beko washing machines. Beko offer machines from 5kg to 8kg capacity, many with interactive LCD displays. They also offer 50cm models for smaller spaces.
Miele Logo Miele washing machines. Miele - this high end manufacturer has a wide range of models including those with a patented honeycomb drum to protect the clothes as well as many with specialist programmes such as denims, woollens, sportswear and pillows.
LG Logo LG washing machines. LG, with their stylish models are available in several colours including white, silver and black. Their Direct Drive technology is designed to make the machines more durable, with less vibration and noise.
Baumatic Logo Baumatic washing machines. Baumatic market both integrated and freestanding models, including a high capacity 10kg machine.
Candy Logo Candy washing machines. Candy - their grand 'O' series features 'shiatsu' technology to massage the laundry during the wash cycle for increased efficiency as well as the Activa Wash System to monitor and adjust the cycle if necessary.
Samsung Logo Samsung washing machines. The Samsung range of machines includes those which feature their Diamond Drum technology to protect clothes and AIR refresh technology, a 30 minute cycle to remove odours and wrinkles.
Siemens Logo Siemens washing machines. Siemens - this German manufacturer offers four ranges from the iQ100 value range to the iQ700 high end models.

Washing Machines Glossary

Anti-leak detector - this will automatically shut down the washing machine if it is leaking.
Capacity this is how much laundry the washing machine can hold and is usually advertised in kilograms.
Crease guard this cycle has a more gentle washing action and shorter spin to reduce creasing.
Drum this is the cylindrical metal container in which the clothes are placed and which rotates during the washing and spinning cycles.
Spin Speed this is the speed (revolutions per minute) at which the drums rotates during the spinning cycle.
Time Delay this allows the user to load and pre-set the washing machine which comes on later at a specified time. This is useful if electricity rates are lower at certain times or if the user prefers to avoid the noise during the day.

Washing Machines Extended Warranties

Washing Machine Extended Warranties and Insurance

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