HOTPOINT TCM580P ''AQUARIUS'' 8Kg Condenser Tumble Dryer in Polar White

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Stylishly designed in Polar White, the Hotpoint Aquarius TCM580P Condenser Tumble Dryer will slot seamlessly into your kitchen whilst also providing you with perfectly dry laundry just a couple of hours after a wash. Never again will you have to dash out and rescue washing from the rain, or wait for extended periods for clothes to dry indoors!

With its generous 8 kg drying capacity, the Aquarius TCM5 ...
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Tumble Dryer Product Types

Condensing Tumble Dryer
Condensing Condensor Tumble Dryers

Condensing or condenser tumble dryers extract the water from the air, filtering it into a container within the tumble dryer which is either emptied manually after each load or disposed of through the plumbing system. They are often more expensive, cost more to run and take longer to dry a cycle than a vented tumble dryer but they are far more convenient for the user as no hose is needed.

Vented Tumble Dryer
Vented Tumble Dryer

Vented tumble dryers extract the water from the air though a hose, either through a permanent vent in the wall or through a window. They are usually cheaper than a condenser tumble dryer but they are less convenient. If using a permanent vent, they can be difficult and often expensive to install as a hole needs to be drilled through the wall, and if placing the hose through the window there can be security issues. Both ways, there is less flexibility with where the tumble dryer can be placed than if using a condenser dryer.

Compact Tumble Dryer
Compact Tumble Dryer

Compact tumble dryers are smaller than a standard size tumble dryer and are suitable for use in smaller households or where space is at a premium. They are often more expensive than regular sized tumble dryers and have a smaller load capacity. A compact tumble dryer may only have a capacity of around 3KG, compared to 6-8KG on the standard sized machines.

Gas Tumble Dryer
Gas Tumble Dryer

Gas tumble dryers use gas instead of electricity and are more energy efficient than an electric tumble dryer. Whilst they are popular in countries such as the US, they are not currently popular in the UK and should always be installed by a qualified installation expert.

Built In Tumble Dryer
Built-In Tumble Dryer

Built in or integrated tumble dryers are designed to fit under standard kitchen or utility room worktops and are hidden from view by a door which matches the units.

Large Capacity Tumble Dryer
Large Capacity Tumble Dryer

Large capacity tumble dryers are capable of a larger drying load than standard tumble dryers, so are more suitable for larger households or households which have more laundry, such as those with small children or babies. Capacity is measured by how many Kilograms of clothes a tumble dryer can handle and while a standard tumble dryer might have a capacity of 5, 6 or 7 KG, a large capacity tumble dryer might have a capacity of 8 or 9 KG.

Integrated Tumble Dryer
Integrated Tumble Dryer

Integrated tumble dryers are designed to fit under the kitchen worktops and are concealed by a fascia which matches the kitchen units.

A Rated Tumble Dryers
A Rated Tumble Dryer

A rated tumble dryers are the most energy efficient type of tumble dryers. Each machine has an energy rating of A through to G, with A being the most energy efficient and G being the least. Most tumble dryers on the market today are, B, C or D rated although A rated tumble dryers are available. Some machines are classed as better than A rated and these can be designated as A-10 % (or A+), which means that the machine is 10% more energy efficient than a standard A rated tumble dryer. Other variations are A-20% (A++), A-30% (A+++) or even A-40% (A++++).

Table Top Tumble Dryer
Table Top Tumble Dryer

Table top tumble dryers are very compact and portable tumble dryers designed to be used on a table top rather than being installed on the floor. They have a very low load capacity, and are relatively expensive, but are useful for very small households or for caravans, holiday homes and/or boats.

Slimline Tumble Dryer
Slimline Tumble Dryer

Slimline tumble dryers are designed to be narrower than a standard tumble dryer either in width or depth and they are suitable for installing in households where space is at a premium or in a non-standard location. They usually have a smaller load capacity than standard-size tumble dryers.

Front Venting Tumble Dryers
Front Venting Vented Tumble Dryers

Front venting and front vented tumble dryers are vented tumble dryers which have the vent attached to the front of the machine.

Front Loading Tumble Dryer
Front Loading Tumble Dryer

Front loading tumble dryers are loaded through a port hole in the front of the machine instead of the top. The vast majority of tumble dryers on sale in the UK are front loading.

Portable Tumble Dryer
Portable Tumble Dryer

Portable tumble dryers are small and compact tumble dryers suitable for small households or for camping, caravanning and/or boats. They are relatively expensive to buy and run and can only handle small capacities.

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