HOTPOINT WML720 Washing Machine in Polar White

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Product Code: WML720P

The Hotpoint WML720P washing machine comes in a cool polar white.It comes with a desirable and environmentally friendly A energy rating. This Hotpoint washing machine has been awarded an A rating for wash performance and A rating for spin performance. Hotpoint pride themselves in understanding your needs and develop their products around you and your family.
7kg is a larger than average wash load, grea ...
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Washing Machine Type
Load Capacity
Top Spin Speed
7 Kg
1200 RPM
Polar White
1 Year(s)

Hotpoint WML720P Washing Machine Description Review

Boost your cleaning power and wipe out those dried stains, soil marks and stale odours from your wash loads with the cleaning help of the Hotpoint WML720P Washing Machine.

Hotpoint WML720P Energy Efficiency Rating

In manufacturer washing machine tests the WML720P washing machine was tested and graded for energy efficiency, wash performance and spin performance.

Washing machine ratings are based on a scale from A to G, where 'A' is considered 'Most Efficient' and 'G' is considered 'Less Efficient'.

Washing Machine Size Guide

Washing Machine Dimensions Guide

Hotpoint WML720P Dimensions


Energy Label Guide

Energy Rating Label Chart Key

Hotpoint WML720P Energy Rating

Energy Efficiency
Wash Performance
Spin Drying

Hotpoint WML720P Washing Machine Test Results

  • Energy Rating: [A Rated] (How efficiently the WML720P_WH uses electricity, which can impact energy bills and running costs)
  • Wash Performance: [A Rated] (Wash cycle grade represents the washing performance score in stain removal tests.)
  • Spin Performance: [B Rated] (Spin drying cycle performance rating indicates how well the WML720P_WH extracts water after the wash cycle, which can lead to quicker drying times)

The EU Energy Label washing machine test results should be viewed as general guidelines - Hotpoint WML720P tests are conducted in controlled laboratory conditions which may not reflect real world use examples and does not factor important considerations such as Hotpoint WML720P reliability or wash cycle times. However, these washing machine ratings can be useful when comparing products from the same Hotpoint brand.

Hotpoint WML720P Wash Programmes

The Hotpoint WML720P Washing Machine benefits from several special wash programs that are made to make your laundry life easier and to require less effort.

Hotpoint WML720P is delivered with the following convenient wash programs:

  • Half Load Function - Ideal for smaller wash loads, which saves water and energy during the wash cycle
  • Anti Crease Programme - Helps to minimize creases in your laundry loads with lower spin speeds, resulting in quicker ironing afterwards
  • Delicate Wash - Delicate wash cycle programme that provides a gentle wash, simulating washing by hand
  • Economy Wash - Energy efficient option that saves water and energy and cleans with lower wash temperatures
  • Intensive Wash Option - Great at dealing with stubborn stains and heavily soiled laundry items
  • Quick Wash - Designed for washing light laundry loads in a shorter amount of time
  • Silk Wash - The Hotpoint WML720P Washing Machine gently washes silk items for great cleaning results
  • Super Rinse / Extra Rinse - An extra and thorough water rinse cycle option to remove as much detergent as possible, convenient for heavily soiled loads and people with sensitive skin.
  • Wool Programme - Gentle wash programme that cares for delicate machine washable woollen fabrics using suitable water temperatures and lower spin cycle speeds.
  • Variable Spin - Adjustable spin speed feature allows you to adjust the number of revolutions per minute (RPM) of a wash load, providing greater control over the wash cycle.
  • Variable Temperature - Ability to set the ideal temperature for various fabric types, providing greater control over the cleaning cycle, useful for specific garments and materials that may benefit from lower wash temperatures or to save energy.

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